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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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m i'jimde snyr. >> j i'mcaessire moo. c.d.sethir feta s artedtth e mieracle mil pinarkgar g aagend spilled onto t shetrip beefor the dyeadlot shoing. enoos s 3'sioergil avsa ie liv foron us thetr sip. yo bu've teenngalkiit whoc lals howk wor onhe ttr sip. atwh dheo tyhi tnk? eary the crnoncebed a touthe enviolce? >> or rep jter:caessi, luabso.tely sethe arepl peo wehoke mair the vilinng oe th v lasegastr sip. somend a oingutou c,pons orsthe wogrkin at ruresta.ants yehes, tyre ace con.rned hewe ardm fropl peo te onhe pstrims thes,elveri toustso wh arece conrnedbo autir the fesaty. hodemiciec detstive i sayt std arteheat tla pnet hwoollyod in a pngarkia gar bgeeefor 1:30 ayfrid minorng. iga fht bkero outwe betentw o grpsouf o people.
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telieu dnantan matcdwrh gmcrathxp es lainwhat ha.ens >> lo it loks tike vheleehic was otsh. at >> ep rteor ar:om w wan fasound dead at hnarmo and aarldebon. a feemalve drirds hea to the opcosmanolite valt. it>> w thinhreeut mines,y the teenredhe tal vfet ohe t coolsmop witan tithwo pe eoplin .it sroll in. lefemave drir wases unrivponse. >> or rep tter:hatal femeri dver wauss r thedtho eos hl.pita bulst aoie dd. aal mea ws shot but sveurvidn ad is c incritial. can istourrets avo nerus andyi stang t.aler >> myfe wi waso secndue ggssin us walking down the st.tree ep>> rr:orte c ofe,ourss thi is tashe lga vesip str. so thateo vidgo ingo t aplay uccr rial iolelln a ofhi ts. yifavou heny anf itiormanon o
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police oour y can rinema ymanon bousyll caing crtoimesrsppe at02 7-5-385555. reinport tg onashe las veg rist'mp, igi serovi abala, tcko uyo t inhetu s.dio >> all r.ight se, rgiokthano yu. >> 'r> wele aso hinearnorg me tabou theman whovi sur tvedhat taatck. he washe rusod t. umc couraovergeti con wnuesith fa rtimatuahma.llah hshenas apd uaten ohis ndcooniti. r >>teeporher: n's iti crical butat sbleon conditi. ci tan yellou he'sye 29-ldar-o djare jonacksf oak ondla, licaiaforn. sipoke to hisat relivesli earer aytod whond fou outus jtou hrs oagja nckso hadee bnho st. shide dn'tve en khenow as w ligftin legas vas. shoe lves h imandes hop he corersve s.on hisam fily isnd uanerstlydab hetbarkeron. hisat fher aru tckri dver is on his wroay fm cadoloroo t see him.
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ewe'vn been op tof os thito sry anild wril boung y the lt.ates >> w> a roman iuns anto instra her'souseim clashing e bhadeenna kid.pped pnowceoli areav he twoeo pple deunrrr aest. wsne 3'sat nhan'n oeal is live totnigh in a nboeighdrhooe nar aldeexanndr a ray bowh wit more --nb raiowh wite morw on hat ha.ened >> or rep iter:ta'm sgndin t inhe hbneigodorhohe wwre to dnkiinappgus sspectre we aredrests thier aftnnoo bheut t cr time whatee'r tngalki about haedppent jus a few msileom fr .here aan wom wentr doo tor doo in isthth nortwesgh neiooborhd in rnmoleing. ea>> y ah,droun:3 5 s0,odomeby anrheg t door bveerlive fi s.time heby te tim i gotns dowrstai odnobasy wre the. ep>> rr:orte w the comanedlaim wsheasid kednapput ban magedo t ces fape tromhisou hnse ihe t same nboeighdrhoo. the vtiicm dpeesterayl srceainhg fo hrope. th misano wkeo tin fdis h coimmuninty a p.anic m >>yer unddistan wng,ent
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therb dooell and tehosp peole lets thidy lan. i ep>> rerortis: thtr schetof he t ro cadselo ddwnoor f hrsous a deivtectes cedlessn in o ecsuspt. w >>hen got h were,e rewe not awellodsi outde. r >>teeporolr: p ticeinrackwog t spsu nects rearain beand alexander, a short distance from wher teheom w wanasnd fou. cepolive ealntuauly c ughtitp wh ethwo tus sctpesdi leangm the thereois the hombo aouut fr lemi asfrway heom t inigvestonati. eythrr aedestne o womanut b the maon tok off jnumpig from ofrotop toof rotopor bef hee kebroo intb sue' elsse hom. e>> woo lk at a ats aer vy daoungers suaittion, he swehod whoil wnglihe waso t ee.scap >> or rep mter:oetrin takheg t galleedi kpednapntrs ious ctody thwi aoutnynj is.urie andhe txa ectir ccsof that c-cirir- ctacumsnces t ofhat
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oras f theti vicolm, pice did tnoe havoa lt ofnf itiormaon fors uaras fs atheon conditi thof eom wan,er othh tan they rvintediewee her and she w-as - hendr a shea ws noten tak t tohe ithospal. baock t. you >> nk tha. you >> a> tr ngicouews ft o s laasveg. otwpl peoeru t tstedoe carfo r ilchdrenrr adesteor fld chi usabe. canrolyen lav iders cedhargit wh murrde after aon 5-mth oldy bab dboyied onru feb5tary h. shes wa bsiaby-g ttin fora iefrndn wheol psaice ysh eot g frdasteh wit the c'shild cg,ryin thghroup helin agastry c--ing trfrus wated tithhihe cld's ngcryi and tughrohmn hy ansgait ethel wl. etht oherer psonnv iesolv otan wheromanor wgkin inn a unnsliceayed dcare inad h noervembn whe pe olic ssayhe th arew 7th-mond-ol baby boy in hirs cibsi caungev irrbersile madage. thal toughahe csese arno t terelaotd, bh itinvesongatis apwr upedhip tsee wk.
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see ainnythg t'shatse cau for erconcskn ast ques.ion tiquesons. if thehi csld iom cnplaiing ab southiomet ang,skue qnsstio. p >>ceoli n sayereith woman had nya hryistoit wh child ecprot stiveceervis. > >>oca lalhe fatsr ies arrted teafr hisye 12-olar-ond st sho enweekd. etmme ptroeolic aterresd olan elmanue aft lrinearn hgegh bout mshielf. he's charged with having a firearbym a prohibited person. >> a> ed ptresniaas wer slyious hurtft aer a hanit-n d-ruhein t hwsout vesty.alle the victim wasnd four neaes jon andpi troacano befre:0 5 t0 inhe rnmoing. whffen osicerrr a,ivedhe t sutspecic veh wleason ge. >> id> fr eayngveniha, teat mns th resoad are pdarkeit w phleeop intry tg goet heom orbe may intryog tt ge out toe havom se n.fu mtole hawys ip u cinheckug ot th ae 95droun ro.anch >> or rep yter: teah,shat're whe adwe hep a r oortf ancc aenidt soe wle fw or verehe ttao ake oklo. aclytualhe, t bre's neeno
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uyo do heav hvyeaon cstgen,io peesalci slyeom t5he 9 south moving onto the 15. bjustusecahee tre's into deaccioent dsn'tn meare we' off tscote. fre ether iseia nrhghboood idaccent. wee werly f oingvert iiv fe misnute. ago sthi is on t tahonopt jus ttohe east o tf --his is on tahonop tjusto thest eaci of cvi cer.nte upa cofle ors care a hit fyairl hard. thiley wrol pbba nlydee a tow uctrefk bthore sis ile caredp u up. wit billeer hre foa le whi. ands aforhe t fayreewt', is ja ammeds u.sual >> nk tha f youor that. > >>ngcomi up,la hilliry cnnto ogoesne on oneh wits new. 3 ha>> whet tre pntsideialop heful shao tta sybo aurut ote sta and hawhet sop hies wllap hpenf i sshe'ct eleed. >> d> anri geang f upheor t modeicratcau ccus. a oflot op peomle cedmitto t ketaar pt inh tele enctio what prs.oces ywhateeou nod tw knoif you waont tn joi. in > >>ngtakie tamheat t wndeeke, goodha c ynceiou wll likeh te
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we t'llalk weeathr, politics. eth fasorec- t -ngcomip u. > >>and sinpeakg of pnolle or anerothh ting thates makpl peoe feely, ick fluea ssons i deun.rway hweaveew nnf itiormaonb aout hewevre nada rs.ank >> t' thamis copng u o inur
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cejanid an jim and > >>rrtomos ow i dtheraemoctic ca hucus iere nnaevad and prenesidtialdi cans datearhilly incl atonernd b snieerandres a ngmaki thend rouons ttigh etme ingmoreot vers. w >> he'll taveeeo sf ihe t llpos aigre rutht bhe t ltates pollsho sw them naneck-ckd-ne in our s.tate johnan treor joins us live from wndo inde henrsonre whede sanrs' llrasy ius jtet gtingun ayderw.
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tableeo har theus mic. ethce conrtnd uy.erwa thene s iators set t seto skpea :0at 80. p.m it's thee latstp stofor d aay inhe tat steha tt'sud slydenhe t ce nterheof tol palitic wd.orl follr hiary conlint b andieern ndsa--ers ee[ chrs ] >> or rep -ter:ny- as pasto the whitese houch mares right thghroue thve silrte sta. ha>> weat rllye wee ndedo t inbrgbo aisut a picolital retivoluon. r >>teeportr: i c issaucu, eve eon d bayeefor dremoc watsill head tohe t circuaus latocnio oto tsk,alrg aue and convince eacher oth whol carkn couty detelegalls wie. b l >>egas vsas i aslway tiexcing buert thse i an extra l.ayer avwe hhee t cdaandi itesnow tn,
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r >>teeporenr: s batoreerni ersandwos frked trom thefop o sthetaten. dow >> c weoan d it. e'ther nsoea r wsonean co't dt i wife stick thogeter. r >>teeporir: hals rlyit wh su ssannara dan pedlay outl al rovei socalia med. dan theep rcubli aansreus by. ethauir ccuset sor f tayuesd, thrue t cmpigampan tgryin to esistablh a fooothldh witlddona ptrume junr you inn. tow e'>> wove dneat grere he. hetm teaheon tro gund,e th luvorsntee i goto tee mt, amgazinpl peoeor wgkinll reay handrd aey thea rlly bveelie in the mgessae. in thifk o afll o thean ctedidas we are at they onls one athe t lyones onha tte havon de ytanghin in na.evad >> or rep: terota l p ofs iecefor ahe css mat a wnde'll h tavehe rvinte oiewnf do taldrumpio junr uon orsi webte,ew n.cs3lvom telarig tonht. kispeang ofs3 newomlv.c if you vehaue qnsstiohe woure yan c ucca tusromorow orow hhe t
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if w you tanteto g oorut the stregiyoer, cuan do that the ydaf oat ou yaur ccusoc ln.atio adhe tour obs weiteor fha tt nfitiormaon. jiesm, js saw? t >> yhankndou a being able to stregier t dheay of is an rtimpo tantg.hin thedi cansdatee hopy thelwil be able towa syot v aerssat les a toowmorr. y >> ieah,hef tany cet ghe tmo t show uhep, trey all aet s. a >>ewnd n is 3s mgakin sure you istayhen tp. loo >>ourer covagein begs whenr ou ucca busnsegi inhe tor mningt a :11nd00 ahe tnt a:0 40.m p. we h'll aaveiv leou hrf o res sultheas toy cmen. i lwe'le hav piolitcally anasts thatgh wein. i toin fdou yrcu causat locion, yoanu c rteegis tr athe d,oor lo loksike w it bill ae eogorgayus d forp peole out and ouabtti wanng tole fxir the lipolticaus ms.cle
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datoyas wab fznd aab fznd at i b >>toack 7 theod0s tnay i a biga wy. eg11 d areesbove nl.orma 13thai str fghtarebruy day teatmperure. eryestday. theez snemee-0- ternot m.uch it i wasne thh higeg cat ooryn dnwey.esda lbmu herryotas nwn sho upt. ye nwhe itoe ds, youno kwat th uausllype sllsro tubleor f alylerg sreuffers. atl lite be reezon the moinunta. yifreou a g gonnao uphe tre, youul shod h laveess wind and morere deges. samery sto t athee. lak t not a loinof wxpd eedect there. at r redockou y mseay e aew f raextud clons ads car tonhe oplo. erthere went pleyf om the out erthe enjoying it. out aton ziio natnalk, par you sh boulde metnby aol abslyute aubeultifat sy.urda seastidef oow tnom cent uilt a 65. lambnd a vegas vy.alle
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andt forheapacey, th 6 are4 and ourip equ oment tverheu hmps i 57re degtes a c mlarkeiddl olscho. ethst re t ofheal vley hbneigodorhoe's, wre a t 70on thase et s.ide rewe a aont 0 he t faras et side and 60ste wesrn and far utsoherndg ees. tsouofide thele valy,ou mnsntai ngcomin it a3 7. a63tea sigrchlht. lainughl4., 7 toowmorr w e'llget sedtart in thepe uprs. 450 llfinaoy t the 60s by htluncime. we h'reineadntg io t 7he0s ouwith wt ahole lot of wind rrtomoow. sh boulde aic ntue sa ardaynd su indays promising to beet bter andar wmer. thyse s ttem ghat uaveshe tin wd sha pdushe way ooff the t henortast. so ousbvioly g,onei wndsav he larexed. neysxt switem ell bol fnglowi e th sjetmtreaea hdingp u to the paccifi nweorthst. shee tose flereck cs.loud > >>'sthatoucl?ds atthhe's too clerir aea hdingo t ca hnada aereoure yr lows nitoght. paphrum4., 3 uimesq 4te,5. high traempeesturor tomrow
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tbu-7 midt0s a thee lak. 75n i upve on.rto lainughl,ow t 7ards8. al, mostn80 iat deh vy.alle tforashe las veg vy,alle 48 runde aar cle sky thtonig. ctexpent pley ofur satday nssu.hine hia emgh ttuperahare ttu shold acre ah 74.gain mnotuchin wd trromoownd a out tonhe maiount in,uf yo are inhead ugp t,here atlmosin sprg ndconsitio t, 53ighe hfth aer a coole ho of 28. tbyhe, way youav he to go up hiergh in etileva onto find snow at l theeodgel lev,0 770t.fee ewa fes pil in p thengarki lot airemn. tbut thab's aout it. ndsu76ay, andha tgt mihte b covanser.tive miwe bghte tngalki 77 8or 7 and enth mtoid- pe up0sr 7 all the wayou threxgh nt week with llwawa-to-unll seshin and rnmoings lowun arod0 5edegres. d anian wted to irontcdue toy m odgo fenri.ds dha aon wrfde tulmea hanging out with thathe tm.
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i want to thankhe tfom rh te hadn'tty. heweatr. tiques?ons >> weke taldou abtor tesnado. ghlingtniha, wtau csesse the vasrioung this. w >>ree ath wea eermequipnt. thavey hoe t name the emequipnt, rainge gaus andry eveg.thin nwhe iw sho ain ra g,augeey th owkn itff o theat b. lo loks tikeheea trches i doing gaood job. arod. om>> c uing-p -ic polane wot t ycboottey b.once >> ey th sayhe t sricke is insendheg tro wng messageo t her --ge sinsr i sngendi theng wro meessag to hers. fan >> d> an aot mclorcy kistdille stlaht nig.
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19ea-yor- ald tndheri drve >> w> wetoant in remoud yut abo ctheruonstn ctioheon t t 95his ekwe tendhato culd shein thgs wndo. theve ndeada mpartentf o troranspontatil wil m begakin geemer rncyrsepai toar pfts o 9the ea5 nr dowowntn legas vas. le tt'saake ve lik loo95 at at velas gasle boud.var tistaromng toworr at0 7:0. p.m roth 5ugh:00. a.m onun sday, don-llt wi beor wg kinheon t noourthbannd les aat lgas ves boarulevdd an the i-15 op.nram twao l wnesill bese clod so wscre g canet thek wor done. makee sur youw sloow dn asou y kemar you t wayghhrouhe tre aa. > >>nwe kheow te namof the 19r--yea moldcyotor kcledille whenashe w hyit b an -y18olear-dve drir. llcene phol melowd diein the
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ometrs say c the warasto spped at ato spn signd ahe tn pdulle ount i f orontfhe tot mcorleyc icwhouh c'tldnp sto ini tme. acincordog tol p,ice t rheider di hdn't aave mcyotorcle lseicen tandhe dr riveof the car only had hisrn leaer'smi perndt a did hnot aavece liedns dveriinr ethar c. >> in> br ugingop tpe sned o datoty's opto ss.rie twomo ween wreur md dere aand maasn w shot onhe t legas vas st lripast ntigh arfte lineavg etplanly hold.woo rdacco tingoic pole,er seval ope wple ierevenvolnd i aig fht tinhek paringar gaget ahe t mieraclle mih sopsh tat couentinftd aheer ty d troveo het cpoosmonlita v.alet oneom wan w fasound datead the rsinteonecti. ether othan womve droo int the shot. adde. police are reviewing surveillance eythay s the speusct tkoo off in aar dkra g1y 205oy totary cam. no larth gas veets dveectis kemaes arrnts i twoep searat ichbuld aseas ces. thire fst sctuspe, 5ar4-yed-ol can roly t-- i hinkheram ne is hicyntava lrende isrg chaedh wit rdmuerer aft aon 5-mlth-oabd by
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ferybrua. 5th wsheasab btty-sifing or a fr wiendhenol psice ay sheot g fratustrhed tathe t child wo'tuldnp sto cgryin andh trew hi amstgain thel. wal pedropimd h on hisd. hea rothee casol invved6- 3-oyearld ehalraan dwob rles. eshor wgkinn in anl useicend dareyca when pe olic ssayhe wthre 7 ath-mon b-oldoy in his cribsi caungrr isiever bblerain madage. neerithd hany a htoisryit wh > >> molinelanu c isedharg in theae dth ofi hs 1ar2-yed-ol son who shots himelft lasee w.kend lipoce sayue mansl iei bng hac wrged hithgavin a frmirea by a pbirohited pn.erso >> en> ev thhoug thee wrathe is ingettger nic, stitarng to feel likein sprg. loa ft opl peoree all sti ttgeingic somk fr thelu f. ne nfw itiormaonbo authe wre nevada ranks a mongrothe sstate indealthg wie th flu. > >>avwe hee sheen teo vid of thisld buiingin begtr des boyedy
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what's nt exorf theff cliesid araptctmenompa antrtme cexompl. we ll wie hav o our onen one wiilth hylarnt clion. pureanbliclls wi bedi holng hetriir pymarso in uth roca.lina
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cerare the. e thicamereoan pcaple n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper,ilut wnel maver t ke it in e threal world. the grandmheotwhr hao tos ooch bseweet peninayg for medicine and paying rent cawan't it.
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uda stwient mth aaiount n of cdebt'tanai wt. anwe ce mak prealgrros esghri tnofow per aopleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt.
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we melcok. bac atnew 0, 6:3 w asawe sar erlie omfrn joh torreaner, ths e ia
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eth draemoctic csaucu. t'>> i cs acritiayal d forhe t idcand,atest not jusiberne ersandnds ala hilliry c.nton ghtoniurt, of jefll ghienk taled oonen oneh witnt clions ahe s's intoldgal rlies tghhrouout sornuthea nevdaod tay. >> or rep tter:shat' t.rite ithishs tee tim that the idcand matesakesi clong meargu.nts 'sthatct exalyat whe thli cnton mifailly wel bo dn goige onou hr omfrow n ate thla crk cyount gomevern--nt rk cla cyount gomevernovnt genernment cter. 'sthatla hilry, bill andll chey willak spe. i'me her at h the sigholcho erwh iet jusp wrapedp u a nvcotersa wion hithryilla tclinon. sh be's meengakin the rsoundn i lagas ves. shaue c ughtp whit h, er asi isad, at an towal hl atel d sol. thudis aeienc was made up of manyio sen arsnd m ianyke tald withpe hapn tobe be rnied saners sutppor bersheut tye came her
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clnintoad ho ty. sa hes t gothoug qiouestns about imatmigr pion,ceoli blirutaty. w ihen a gotnc chaoe tk talh wit iher,ed ask, hert whald wouer h eonsu ise? be atwhou wldhe t oneea rsone b thouat yho suld vote fior hyllar inclton? f >>or me, it's lngooki blroady haat w itsdi holmeng a aricand icameransk, bac and ink this it' isa mtakeo tus foc ony onlne o gthina becusene ohi tngo n ma htterowmp intorta --he tre's no dteispuwe beteren bnie sasnder m ande. we htoave go arfte the bad rsacto h, iave a plan which erevdyyboof wh has ldooke att i idsas it'he tt besn plao te mak resut whape hap inedn08 ' dotesn'pe hapgan ain. buhet t are lre aotf o barsrrie. atth w'si hat want to make evoeryb udystnderand. >> or rep ater:hnd tsat ier h one onreas s sheays youul shodt vee fortevor fo. her wshe billreakow dnhe t


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